Best Double Stroller

This is the ONLY guide you will ever need to refer to before you buy the best double strollers available in the market. One of the most important criteria to help you to make the buying decision is your outdoor activity and usage of the stroller.

Below table will give you a broad idea of what kind of stroller will suite your needs. I will also review the best double strollers in each category later in this post.

Type of double stroller
who should buy this?
Tandem double strollers If you usually go shopping on your walks? These strollers are narrower and can easily move through shopping aisles
sit n stand double strollers These are best suited when the kids are at least a year or two apart from each other
Twin Pram strollers These are suited for carrying new born babies.
Double jogging strollers You intend to take your babies out with you when you go out for jogging
Side by side double strollers You should go for this type of stroller If you usually go for walks on rough terrain.

Now lets quickly get the history of strollers out of our way before we look at what stroller suits you best


First baby stroller was invented by William Kent, a popular architect in England. On the request from Duke of Devonshire, he developed a basket that had a shape of a shell and had wheels attached to it. It was to be pulled by a goat. This became popular with the rich.

Benjamin Potter was the first commercial baby stroller manufacturer in the early 1800s in USA. Queen Alexandrina Victoria bought some of these strollers and it helped set a trend across the world. It became a must-have for every household with a newborn baby.

Double and triple carriers are also becoming popular due to multiple births on the rise in the recent times. Modern strollers have added facilities including ipod docks, attached DVD players and all wheel suspensions to ensure that the babies are not disturbed when moving on uneven surfaces. Modern carriers are designed to be configurable. Baby can be carried lying down or in the forward facing position. Strollers can be folded and carried in the trunk of a car. They can also double up as a car seat and can be mounted and fastened to the seat of the car. You can find more information on wikipedia.

Different types of strollers have evolved in the last 100 years. Standard strollers have fully reclining seats. There are lightweight strollers that are made of metals like titanium or Polyethylene .There are Pram strollers which are flat and aid in carrying a sleeping baby. All terrain strollers can be used on all types of surfaces. Some of them infact can be used in all kinds of weather including snow, wind and rain.

Different types of double strollers

Side by side double strollers

As the name suggests, the seats are placed besides each other. The chairs can be reclined as required. Both the babies get an unrestricted front view. One shortcoming of such strollers is the width. Since the seats are placed side by side, these strollers are wide and are difficult to to push when compared to their tandem counterparts. They cannot move easily through doors and in shopping aisles.

They are best suited for rough terrains since they are wide and the weight is balanced

Tandem double strollers

These have stadium style seating arrangement where the front seat is at a lower level. This is designed in this way so that the child sitting behind has a clear front view. Both the chairs usually have the ability to recline. These double strollers usually take a combined load of up to 150 pounds. Tandem strollers are comparatively easier to handle since they are narrower compared to their side-by-side counterparts. They can conveniently move through doors and also in shopping aisles.


sit n stand double strollers 

These strollers allow the younger child to sit in the front and the older one to stand in the rear. These are ideal for children that are a year to three years between them.

Typically, a double stroller would have been ideal. But sit and stand is more convenient. The older child might want to walk for some distance and when he or she is tired, will be able to hop and stand or sit on the stroller.

Twin Pram strollers

These strollers are for suitable newborn babies where they can be made to lie down flat on their backs. The babies can face the care takers. This ensures the feeling of safety and eye contact for the babies. Seat is usually adjustable and can be installed either facing the driving direction or the caretaker

Double jogging strollers

These double strollers are suitable for parents that are fitness conscious. They can go for long walks and jog and also take their babies along in strollers. These strollers have extra thick tyres and heavy duty suspension system to ensure a smooth ride. They also have an enhanced braking system to ensure safety outdoors. These are suitable for babies that are over 6 months old.

Some specialized jogging strollers can also be used in parks and other rough terrains. These strollers are light in weight and are also rust proof. They also have sun canopies for the babies.